Recycled Materials

The following are recycled materials that are available nationally. The majority are processed by our sub contractors to our customers specific needs working on or off site. We offer a full crushing and screening operation  and where required a washing facility can be provided,We utilise the best suited machinery to ensure the quality of the finished products exceeds our customers expectations.


  • Clean glass sand 0 to 4mm.
  • Cullett single or mixed colour.


  • P10 Grade. Supplied conditioned with an approximate water content of 18%.


  • Pure concrete feed stock crushed and sized to suit the customers requirements.


  • Mixed waste to meet general fill requirements.

Concrete Blocks:-  

  • Crushed pavers and building blocks re-crushed into various sizes.
  • Aerated waste blocks re-crushed as fines and sized aggregates giving a density of around    520 kg/m3. Ideal for lightweight block production and lightweight concrete.

Wood Chip:-

  • Grades A, B and C.

Recycled Fuels:-

  • Coal and Coke recycled from past waste tips, various net calorific values used as secondary fuels in the cement, clay brick and coking industries.

Furnace Bottom Ash (FBA):-

  • Derived from coal burning power stations both internal and imported into the UK. Sized 0 to 18mm. All material meets with the WRAP protocol associated with FBA.
  • "Bank Ashes" from sites of secondary coal consumption. Low loss of ignition, tested for contaminates, and heavy metals. Sizes to suit customers needs.

Pulversised Fuel Ash (PFA):-

  • EN450 or Run of Station PFA we can supply dry or conditioned from within the UK or conditioned only from within the EU.

Air Cooled Blast Furnace Slag:-

  • Primary imported from France and Belgium we can supply most grades from water treatment to general 100mm down.
  • Internal to the UK materials can also be supplied in similar sizes.

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